Our Review Policy

Our review policy is pretty standard, we blog what we like and most of what we blog we have paid for. We style towards our personal styling which varies each post. We don’t have one set style and we are always open to review copies and working with the wonderful designers of second life.  If you like our work and would like us to blog for you we are open to joining blogger groups and or singular product review.

We do ask that if you are sending items directly you leave a IM which goes to our emails and we will know to look for your items. SL eats up IMs , message etc so sometimes we miss things so if you are sending a blogger group and we are offline please inform us to look for it. As stated above we only blog what we fits our style and we ask for some allotted time to style, take pictures , edit pictures etc.

You can contact us via message here or in-world and we have SL Facebook accounts you can reach us there too.

(SimoneValentine Resident  & AydanKincade Resident)

Thanks for reading our blog and the interests in working with us.

-Aydan & Simone Kincade.


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