Hold On, Were Going Home.

Hey Dolls!! I am behind on everything in second life. I had an amazing time away celebrating an important event in my real life. Now I am back and slowly catching up here. Most of you should have seen by now the previews for AVENUE AUTUMN/ WINTER FASHION WEEK 2013 which runs September 29th ~ October 5th 2013. A bunch of amazing designers are taking part in this event. Fashion shows will be held next week so you can see most of these designers on the runway. Today along with my previous post features Lethal Couture Autumn/ Winter line for this event. It’s fresh with lost of color. I love that color is in. It’s a bit different than you are use to seeing from Lethal but its still the same great quality. I loved mixing and matching with in this collection.  Make sure you check out Lethal’s fashion show which is on October 2nd. ( will update will more info)

Happy Shopping. ❤ Simone

Hold On, Were Going Home

Wig: EMO-tions. *COLLIEN

Glasses: Le Primitif. Vintage Hazel Shades [Red] -new @SL Fashion Week

Scarf: Lethal Couture. Pashmina Scarf- coming soon @AVENUE A/W FW 2013 9/29

Top: House Of Fox. Leather Tee

Gloves: Lethal Couture. Sheep Skin Spiked Gloves-coming soon @AVFW 9/29

Pants: Lethal Couture. Wool Zip Trouser [Emerald] -coming soon @ AVFW 9/29

Boots: Fashionably Dead Bossy Boots- Metallic Gold

Earrings- [7891.] Trilo Earrings For Soho Market


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