Because Beyonce’s, Coming To Brooklyn.

Hey Dolls!! I have some new things and some older yet still amazing things today. First off is Sabotage’s Shark Bite bodysuit which I love. It’s very new and you can get it at The Limited Bazar. There are only so many of these sold so hopefully when you get down there.. there will still be some left. Ok now for some amazing real life news.. I’M GOING TO SEE BEYONCE ON SATURDAY!!! YAY ME!!!  I love, love, love , stan for Beyonce.  Pretty amazing right?  Well its amazing and exciting to me anyways lol.

Happy Shopping!!! ❤ Simone

Shark Week

Bodysuit: Sabotage “Shark Bite” BodySuit (@ Limited Bazar)- New!!!

Necklace: Lethal Couture “Foil Collar” Indian Gold

Socks:Lethal Couture Knee Socks

Boots: Lethal Couture Mary- Kate Gogo Boot ( Cheetah)

Earrings: [7891.] QueenB Earrings (@ Soho Market) -New!!!

Purse: [7891.] Traffic Jam Collection “Bang”

Hair: [F] IGGY Braid

Headband: [okkbye] Bow Headband- Red

Watch:iLLmatic “Medusa Kors” -Platinum


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