Hey Dolls! I have new things and some cool but not so new things today. Soho Market, Food Fair, Fi* Fridays and another new shape from {Anatomy} called ‘Nyx’ all included in this post. I am so behind on SL things mainly because my RL has been really busy and when the day ends, I have no motivation or energy to sit down at the computer.  I will say that, I will try my hardest to make time for things here when I am free to do so.  With that being said.. I have two posts for you today.. this one and another coming soon after this to make up for my lack of blogging.

Happy Shopping. ❤ Simone


Shape: {Anatomy} Nyx (new!!!!)

Hat: Frontline NWA Compton Snapback

Hair: Liquence- F2

Necklace: Bens Beauty Flying Heart (@ Fi* Fridays)

Bandeau: LAYOVER Freak Side Zip (@ Soho Market)

Top:DirtyMind Crocheted Top

Shorts: iLLmatic Joi Denim Cutoffs- Gray

Socks:iLLmatic Cheap Monday Socks

Shoes: Frontline Adidas Court Attitude Grey/White (@ Soho Market)

Eyelashes: Pink Acid Everyday Prim Eye Makeup (@ Soho Market)

Ice Cream Flower: Retro Ice Cream (@ Food Fair)


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