Sick Days

I have been sent quite a few bloggers pack recently through blogger groups I am in and also directly and I want to say thank you for considering me as a blogger. I am honored you like my work so much you want me to blog your items. Currently I am recovering from surgery, I had my tonsils removed a few days ago.. so not a huge serious surgery. But it was still surgery and I am slowly recuperating. Which means I will be slightly delayed in blogging. I will try my best to blog everything I was given. All I ask is that you all bare with me until I am feeling better. Ok now on to today’s stylings.. I have mostly The Boys Of Summer again from JLB Apparel and XIAJ. I also have a new hair from Unorthodox that will be up for grabs at the Hair Fair 2013 opening in a few days. Also I was photo-bombed as you can see by my stalker.. umm I mean girlfriend. LOL


Me and My Stalker



Hair & Hat: Unorthodox Nipsey Braids (Available soon @ The Hair Fair 2013)

Glasses: Retro’- 90’s sunglasses (@ The Boys Of Summer Event)

Shirt: JLB Apparel- Summer Shirt [comes with texture changing HUD] (@The Boys Of Summer Event)

Jeans: JLB Apparel- AFTERMATH JEANS (@ The Boys of Summer Event) [comes w/texture changing HUD]

Pose By : SAAL BOYS OF SUMMER I (@ The Boys Of Summer Event)

Shoes: XIAJ Canvas Sneakers (@ The Boys Of Summer Event)

Plushie: [Avoid] Mesh Minion Plushie *new*


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