I Can Show You, What You Wanna See…

Sup!  XIAJ has some new badass jeans out and I felt compelled to blog them, Along with a bunch of other new things like BLK 2.0 sneakers and Unorthodox new hairbase (which is dope). Some SL Fashion Week releases from Last Friday.(still available as I type this though).  I am bit slow because I am on vacation. (sorrries) I took two photos as you will see one with a tank and one topless. No I am not some narcissistic tool who wants to flash my sexy abs. I wanted to show the jeans in full, so you dudes can see how cool they really are. Enjoy


Snapshot_016 Snapshot_017

Hair: Unorthodox Stripe Hair-Blonde(new)

Tank: !BeUp! Iron Maiden (@SL Fashion Week)

Jeans: XIAJ Dark Jeans (new)

Sneakers: BLK2.0 LOSERZ Sneakers (new)

Glasses: SYL/Kitty Ear Glasses (@SL Fashion Week)

Necklace: Fruk SafeGuard

Skin: Fruk Bennet


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