I’m A 80’s baby.. 90’s kid.

When I opened up the blogger pack of gacha stuff from XIAJ.. it took me back to my childhood of playing video games and everything very nostalgic. My favorite game ever is Super Mario so I jumped at the chance to play around with the things.. and here we are. Just displaying some of the things you can find at the Attic Gacha. Oh and check out the track I left at the bottom its a really cool remix of the Super Mario theme song.


Snapshot_184 Snapshot_183

Hat: Headz UP! Black Speckle Snapback (available Friday @ SL Fashion Week)

Facial Hair: Unorthodox Guapo Beard (new)

Chest Tattoo: \kos\ Untouchable (not available)

Jeans: ISPACHI Rebellion Skinny Jeans

Sneakers” Eudora 3D Blaze Hi-Tops

Necklace: krautuve dear mr deer “black wood cross”

Decorations: XIAJ. (new @ The Attic Gacha Event)

PIcture” {sa} make love not war (old arcade gacha item)

Drink: Love Soul- Green Tea Cream Frappe


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