Oklahoma “We Care” Fund Raiser

Oklahoma We Care

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about and or seen the complete devastation a tornado has left parts of Oklahoma this week.  It’s times like this where everyone should want to help as much as they can. Mother Nature can be a cruel bitch and it’s our job to hold each other up in these horrible times. I know for some, things are hard economically but I’m sure we all can give something if only a small bit to help those that are in worst conditions than we are. With that being said I want to invite everyone reading this to come take part in a wonderful event @ Club Stylez.  It’s the  Oklahoma “We Care” Fund Raiser starting at 12pm slt and running till 11PM. So you have all day to come and enjoy music from some of the best DJs in Second Life. We have every genre of music available which means there is something for everyone to enjoy musically  also you would be doing your part in showing support to an amazing cause. We will have a donation box set up , all funds will be donated to the Red Cross to help Oklahoma surviors. We have a special gift for everyone donating. Like I said we have amazing DJ’s supporting this cause donating their time.. so come and show tons of support. It doesn’t matter how much you donate, we don’t discriminate against anyone at Club Stylez. Everyone counts, every bit helps. 

DJ Line Up

  • 9am-DJ Bubbles        
  • 10am- DJ Glitch         
  • 11am-“Da Voice” DJ Digi
  • 12pm-DJ Booch
  • 1pm- DJ Ice Cold
  • 2pm-DJ Rebllios1
  • 3pm-DJ Stellar
  • 4pm- DJ Soop Uglee
  • 5pm- DJ Misterio
  • 6pm- DJ Spice 
  • 7pm- DJ Vendetta
  • 8pm- DJ Grace
  • 9pm- DJ Yung
  • 10pm- DJ Lala
  • 11pm- DJ Paine

LandMark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Le%20Petite%20Roche/64/66/23

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Oklahoma.WeCare.FundRaiser/




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