Drop Dead Gorgeous (B. Ames Mix)

Hello Lovelies!! I have been slacking a lot as a blogger, mostly because I have been busy in my real life. It’s a 4 day weekend for me which means… I have gotten some much needed R & R and some extended free time to fuck around on Second Life. I blogged twice in one day. Aren’t you excited? lmao  I hope all is well with everyone  and enjoy your weekend.

Happy Shopping. ❤ Simone


Glasses: S O R G O. Old Timers Shades Black (new @ S O R G O Mainstore!!!)

Hair: Taketomi. Mayu

Top: SYL. Draper Crop Top (new @ Fi* Fridays)

Shorts: FLUORESCENT. Tuxedo Shorts-Blackout (new @ Fi* Fridays)

Pumps: Epic. Suede Pumps

Clutch: [7891] Swell Collection (new @ Fi* Fridays)

Watch: [F]oil. Tortoise & Troy Watch (new @ Fi* Fridays)

Necklace: [7891]. Pride Necklace

Lips: Pink Acid. Pom Pom Lip Shine V2 (new @ Fi* Fridays)


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