Females Welcomed

I really love these new gas masks from [whatever] so much so I’m gonna blog them twice in about a week or so. I don’t care though, I do what I want.  This post is pretty much me standing on our platform and clearing out things I need to blog right now. I try to be a bit creative with my posts but I’m taking a lazy day today but everything seen here is fairly new on the grid so you have new things to spend your L’s on.



Aydan. 1

Hoodie: <HVK> Rebel Hoodie (new @ The Mens Dept)

Mask: [Whatever] Gasmask-White (new)

Pants: Sabotage Harem Baggy Pants: Onyx (new)

Shoes: Sabotage Studded Lace Ups (new for MOH3)

Hat: L a u Chicago Bears Strapback Hat (new)

Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes- Denim (new)

Pose Used : S O R G O- Aah Poses

Aydan. 2

Hat: XIAJ- “your shit bums me out” snap back

Skin: Tableau Vivant-Nathan Skin (new)

Tattoo: Boss Store- “Only God Can Judge Me”

Shorts: Sabotage- Torn Denim Shorts: Camo (new)

Socks: Heads Up- Plant Life Crew

Shoes: XIAJ- Denim Low Chucks (new)

Ring (right hand): tea.s- Pyramind Ring-Gold (new @ SL Fashion Week)

Pose Used: S O R G O- Aah Poses


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