Let It Be.

 Fruk is expanding their empire and adding clothing to their roster of amazing. Male avi’s definitely needs more clothing options and Fruk is here to help. Starting off with a simple T-shirt which is always an important item of clothing to have. You can mix & match these shirts with almost every pair of pants in your inventory. I know this because I actually tried. These shirts have nice detail to them and are very well made. Fruk also created some really nice pants called “BioTech” pants and of course they work perfectly with the new shirts which are called “Halycon”T-Shirts. The pants has a few options that I love one being a boot cut version. The pants also comes with gnarly suspenders. You can really wear them many ways and like the shirts they are mix & matchable. This new line of clothing will be available this weekend, April 20th to be exact at Fruk. So go grab everything dudes!


Let It Be


Hair: eep hair 006

Skin: Fruk Jeremy

Shirt: Fruk Halcyon Tee Black(new available April 20th)

Pants: Fruk BioTech Pants White (new available April 20th)

Boots:  WOLF & I Steel-Toed Kickers-Black

Headphones: Reckless Oblivion. Amped Headphones(@ SL Fashion Week)




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