The Soho Market

soho market logo

 There is a new event on the grid called The Soho Market & they are looking for designers, bloggers and customers of course. All the information you need is below so check it out!

This event will consist on a bi-weekly event counting with the presence of known designers & designers looking to launch their brand.
Costumers can find themselves on a Market and enjoy the SIM around, all products will be 60l$ so everyone can have a chance of shopping with us.
Everyone is Welcome to Join us here:

Soho Market is Also Looking for Designers & Bloggers, if you’re interested please fill the forms below:

-Designer Form:

-Blogger Form:
Every Designer & Blogger accepted should wait until 1 week for a response and be able to join our group inworld.
Any questions about the event should be redirected to:

JaePreme Resident
Nittinha Aeon

Best Regards,
Soho Management


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