Happy Birthday Simone.

Today is Simone’s real birthday(of course you know by the title huh? lol), I won’t say how old she is turning but she is still in her twenties.. barely lol. I can’t wait to spoil her most importantly share her special day with her in real life. Happy Birthday Baby <3.

As for our readers make sure you “hurry up and buy” the clothes I have on today if you like them of course. Because the the new rounds of Fi* Fridays & SL Fashion Week will be starting soon. Have a good one everybody.





Hat: *DECO*- Fatigue Cap

Top: GoldenWear. Leather Arm Sweater (New @SL Fashion Week)

Pants: ILLMATIC.- Casual Zipper Harem- Camo (new @ Fi* Fridays)

Boots: DRD.- worn combats-mesh

Skin: Fruk. Bennett

Pose: Stakey. Standstill


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