Aw Naw

Snapshot_060 Snapshot_061

Simone 1

Hat: (.C.): CommeDesFuckDown; Snapback (no longer available)

Hair: elikatira. Sound

Wings: Auxilary. Fly Free Wings (arcade gacha item but you can buy in their store)

Glasses: Shade Throne. Tyler Sunglasses

Skin: Glam Affair. Laurel 04 (new @ Collbor88)

Shape: Anatomy. Rebekah (new)

Top: AUTRES. Tied Spring Blouse (new @ fi*fridays)

Pants: ColdAmbitionz. Skinny Tribe Heaven Pants (new) <–Thank YOU Mery!!

Left Arm: 7891. Valley Girl Set-2.0 Gold (new @ fi*fridays)

Shoes: City Glam. Black Pumps

Simone 2

Hair: Truth. Angie (new)

Lipstick: Pink Acid. Hollywood Lipstick(Blue 02)

Facial Piercings: .HoD. Decay Piercing & Lip Tattoo (New)

Eyes: Clemmm. Window Eyes-Black

Chest Tattoo: h i a t u s– SkultQueen

Pants: Cold Ambitionz. Skinny Purple Leo Pants

Shoes: Zone 3. Sawtooth Custom Exclusive Dunk Lowz


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