The Grand Re-Opening Of Club Stylez…

Club Stylez is back on the grid with a grand re opening Sunday, January 10th..they are giving away an ass load of lindens to the male and female with the best swag, the best photographer, best dj and my personal favorite the best blogger. So I traveled down to Club Stylez and it was packed and jumping. The music was amazing, the crowd was sexy..Club Stylez is truly the place to be a great place to relax and listen to some tunes or if you are looking for a chill place to party and dance with your friends and family Stylez offers that as well. No drama, no hassles everyone is invited even children avatars so for the sl kids they can come and dance and hangout too. I for one love this idea because my main avi is a kid/teenager and I would get kicked out of clubs because my avi wasn’t adult hence one of the reasons why I created Aydan, so I was excited I have a new place to hang out when I’m a little person. Ok enough about me.. Below you can find some snapshots I took earlier today at the club go check it out  grab a tag so you can stay up on contests & events here’s your ride to the club.




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