Losing My Religion…

Almost everything you see in this post is new…everything except my sneakers and hair. Which means there is ALOT of shopping to do fellas.Ok so.. I hardly ever talk much here but today I have a few things to say, well not really a few things just one thing. lol I want to invite all our readers to a huge grand opening event at Club Stylez, February 2nd. (Today) My beautiful girlfriend, partner, co-blogger, Simone you know her right? Well she has been nominated for the female fashion portion of the Club Stylez Yearbook competition.. and I would really love it if you all came down to Club Stylez between 6-8PM slt and placed a vote for my baby. The party jumps off at 4PM slt it’s gonna be a kick-ass event, I have also been nominated for the Blogger competition at Club Stylez. \ o / which I’m really happy about. I hope to see some of you there partying and showing my love some support.. and last but certainly not least wishing my childhood team the San Francisco 49’ers the best of luck on Sunday GO 49’ers!!!!! 




Shirt: flow- long sleeve shirt pocket(new)

Jeans: Apple May Designs-Low Rise Skinny Jeans-Gray(new)

Bandana: Avoid- Mesh Bandana (multiple colors available) <–New

Necklace: Olive- 7 times Dying Cross (new @ SL Fashion Week)

Bag: BSD Designs Studio- Character Bag (new @ SL Fashion Week)

Tattoo: Speakeasy- Ocean Apart Tattoo (new)

Ears: Mandala- Simple Ears HUTUU*mesh* (new)

Hair: Burley- Sofian

Poses: Purple Poses- Kalen (new @ SL Fashion Week)


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