Deep Inside These Walls

Hey Lovelies! I have news and new shapes for you to feast your eyes on. Anatomy has a new in world store where you can go try on a demo and of course buy a new shape! As I said before all the shapes from Anatomy fit perfectly with most of second life female skins. I use Glance, Al Vulo, Essences and Glam Affair, majority of the time and all my Anatomy shapes looks amazing with whatever skin I use. Glitch Grantham(owner,creator of Anatomy) has made six new really cute shapes and I am gonna to blog all six at some point during the next week because I really like all six but today I am showing you 3 shapes. Marlly, Alexandria and Freya all really cute and I love them.  You can go try a demo of the new shapes at the new store here. Also you can take a look at all of Glitch’s shapes here on the marketplace. All older shapes will be there. So go and buy yourself a new shape because you want to look cuter than you do right now,correct? 😉 I used hair from Truth, Taketomi & Elikatira. Skins from Essences & Glance.

Be Happy. Happy Shopping.-Simone ❤


Shapes: Anatomy: Marlly, Alexandria & Freya

Outfits: Yulicie. (both are will be available @ fi*fridays)


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