Mars Need Women

Hey Lovelies!!! I want to introduce you to a wonderful pose store called F*CKING NINJAS!! Really cool name right? Well they have even cooler poses for singles, couples and group poses. What I like about F*CKING NINJAS is they have some dark, twisted poses which plays well for Aydan and I. Because we love all things odd or strange. I am featuring a few of their new poses you can find in there store. My favorite out of the new releases is a tie between the “Insidious” couples pose and the  “For our Rights” 4 person pose which is a equal rights pose you can grab 4 people to hold up the rainbow flag and show your support for the LBGT community. We played around a bit with these poses they are great for photography really edgy and different. You can find F*CKING NINJAS here. Have a look around and get some really cool poses and such. You can check out their blog here and for all you lazy asses I will leave their marketplace here. Check out our photos below. I didnt include a listing for our clothes so if you see something you like and want to know where we got it fell free to message me here or inworld and I will hook you up. The skybox we used for this shoot is at fi*fridays its from VALESKA Architecture and it’s called The Houndstooth, its really cute and only 72 prims so go have a look at fi*fridays. Click Photos for bigger view!!

Happy Shopping.-Simone


For Our Rights (4 Person) Pose *NEW!!


For Our Rights

Stash The Body (2 Person) Pose *NEW!!*

Stash Body

Insidious (2 Person) Pose *NEW!!*





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