Santa Baby


 There is new stuff at The Mens Dept. I’m pretty sure most of the male bloggers will show the cool clothes first so I wanted to be a bit different and show the Handverk “man cozy”. They have many different styles Rudolf , Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc. So whatever you celebrate you can decorate your junk to reflect your holiday cheer. The attachment comes in two versions relaxed and attentive which is what you see here.  Vestigium has a new one arm tattoo, you can wear it mesh version or regular tattoo layers etc. Its also found at the Mens Dept.



Festive Penis Cover- HANDverk. Man Cozy. little clause (@TMD)

Chest Tattoo- \kos\ Untouchable Tattoo

Arm Tattoo- Vestigium-Samural-(@TMD)

Boots- J U D A S. The Revolution “Chanel Millitant Boots”

Eyes- .ID.- Ice Eyes/Gray (@TMD)



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