Locked In Closets

Lamb just dropped two new hairs, I am showing you one today and its so cute! They just dropped about 2 hours ago so yeah these hairs are super new and super cute. I am also featuring Arcade Gacha items because I went and bought all of the things..now I am slowing styling everything that I have. Also I am trading a bunch of stuff.. still looking for those reindeer & unicorm pjs (size small) and those pretty RARE Pegasus Aux Wings. Just thought I throw that out there if you have some or know someone who can hook me up.. (hint. hint) The With Love Hunt has started and some of my favorite stores are apart of it all items are 10L and they are really good items for such a small price. My favorite thing from the hunt so far is the skin from Essences. I also have some other wonderful skins from that hunt that will be featured sometime this week. Ok enough talking go out and shop/hunt/gacha trade whatever. Just have fun people!

Happy Shopping.-Simone.


What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Lamb. The Big Doll House (Mesh) *NEW!!!!)

Tiara: Noodles Purest Snow Tiara Silver/Ruby @The Arcade Gacha Event

Wings: Aux.Fly Free-Raven RARE

Eyes: .ID. City Lights/Gray *NEW!!!*

Top: Alterego.Winter (december group gift) *group is free till dec.31st)

Tights: Vershe-Heart Tights

Watch: Mandala. HOKUSAI Braclet set

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer-Paris Black Diamond (from with love hunt 10L)

Skin: Essences. Saga Skin-With Love Hunt ❤ (and I LOVE THIS SKIN!!)

Lipstick: Pink Acid Matte Pastry Lips (Peach)

Couch: Cheeky Pea (from the with love hunt 10L)

Pose: Exposeur-Advent Gift


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