Pomp And Circumstance

I have waited for Monday, December 3, 2012 for a very long time .. what I mean by this is.. Today is my last day of college classes!! I do the whole “cap & gown” thing in a few weeks BUT I am done with the attending class portion. Hence the song I used for this post. It’s like Christmas for me really, I have worked so hard for this I feel really accomplished and educated and everything that comes with completing a serious goal in life. I didn’t go to college right after high school.. I worked, hung out, lived whatever you know? 4 years ago I made a serious lifestyle change which lead to me perusing a college degree. There were so many times during the past 4 years where I wanted to quit. I would stand in the mirror naked and imagine being a stripper and no offense to strippers, but my parental units would of killed me if I would have taken that route. All jokes aside.. I have been making some pretty heavy life decisions as of late and all of them have worked out perfectly for my RL. I am so glad I decided to keep going with school and I am so very proud of myself today. I can finally have some wild and crazy fun with my girlfriend without having to worry about studying or making it to class on time etc. Okay wonderful people I just felt the need to share my happiness with you all. I swear I am going to hug and high-five everyone I come across today and I might get punched for it since I live in New York City. I’ll hug it out anyways… Maybe I should end this with some corny line like “if you believe you can achieve” or if you are a child of the 80’s like me.. “just say no to drugs” might work also? I don’t know.. “Don’t stop believing”, I suppose. I am just fucking loving life right now.. and I wish everybody some peace, joy, happiness all the positive things life has to offer us humans. Good Enough? Yes? Good. lmao

Amazingly Happy.-Simone ❤


What I’m Wearing:

Skin: Essences-Saga Skin-With Love<3 Hunt (I love this skin!)

Hair: Magika- Stubborn

Earrings: B L E U-Leopard Studs

Eyes: Dead Apple- Sinistre Eyes-Horror Edition

Lipstick: Dead Apple- Matte Black

Tattoo: [whatever]-Goddess Isis Tattoo

Jeans: REDGRAVE-Liquid Mesh Jeans (New!!!!)

Feet- Slink Women’s Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Poses by: illmatic The Basic Stand (with love hunt)


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