Let Me Call You Sweetheart

The Arcade Gacha is back this month and it has some really cute, quirky and fun things all under 120L. Over 60 stores have gacha machines and I think we purchased from everyone. smh. I only listed our Arcade Items below. Please enjoy our odd looking Holiday Greeting Card. It totally fits our personalities.. a bit odd, a lot quirky and strange yet totally awesome. Have fun everyone and don’t spend all your lindens at the Arcade!



On Simone

Pajamas: Cracked Money Pj’s Pink-XXS 

Hat/Hair: BBC Juliet Hair Gacha Lilac

Scarf: FATEWear Scarf-Granger-Rainbow


On Aydan

Hat: Iruco]knit cap(pink)

Scarf: FATEwear Scarf-Granger-Rainbow

Socks: NYU Toe Socks, Black


Extras:Tee*fy Radio(Fonts)@ The Arcade

Christmas Boxes (from aDORKable Poses)@The Arcade

*Pose By Nani*-Lazy Saturday


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