THE Christmas Event @ Club Stylez.

Hey everyone! I want to invite you all to join me and my friends for an amazing Christmas event on Saturday December 1st @ Club Stylez!! Club Stylez is a very new and amazing club its for EVERYONE who loves music, We have some of the best DJ’s on the grid who have sets everyday from 7-11PM (slt). We offer all genres of music you name it we have a DJ that plays it so there is something for everybody. Everyone no matter race, gender, sexuality,human, non human whatever..YOU, yes YOU are invited and welcomed here. Its all about good music and having fun at Club Stylez. With that being said, Club Stylez is have a mega Christmas Party with huge amounts of lindens being put up for grabs all in the spirit of the holiday season.  The party is running all day on Saturday so you have plenty of time to come in and chill see what the club is all about, mingle, meet new people oh and you all will get to meet me & Aydan because we will be in attendance through out the day.(I know you all are fist pumping about that right? lol)  Ok here’s our line up…

DJ Lylah will start things off at 10am for all you early birds and she is gonna rock you with some dubstep, she will be followed by DJ Louie at 11am and he will give you a good dose of hip hop music for your ear drums. At Noon our first event of the day starts with the beautiful DJ Epiphany and the “Anything Christmas” event. There will be 3000 Lindens on the board and the event is sponsored by Latreia Foot Fashion & D-Style!  Its really simple throw on anything in the spirit of Christmas and take your shot at winning some lindens and cool prizes. DJ Epiphany will serenade you with some awesome Hip-Hop/Dancehall tunes and her event ends at 2pm.(slt).

2pm-4pm We have DJ Taze spinning for one hour with some DnB & Drumstep followed by DJ Mysterio playing some Mashups at 3pm.(slt). 4-6 PM we have the lovely DJ Moxx spinning live from New York with the second event of the day and her event is “Sexiest Christmas” which means its time to get sexy and cute. We will have 7,000 Lindens on the board for this event and that is ALOT of lindens which means we really wanna see how sexy you can get with holiday spirit of course! This event will also be sponsored by Latreia Foot Fashion & D-Style! After the sexiest people have been crowned we will once again have two amazing DJ’s spinning one hour sets. First up is DJ Elbowz at 6PM and to quote him he spins the “good shit” following him will be DJ Lola spinning mixed tunes all for your listening pleasure. The last event of the night features one of my personal favorite DJ’s here in SL,DJ Glitch and I’m not just saying that because she’s my “kidnapper maja” she is a really good DJ! I love her music!!  Her event is “Undead Christmas” which means its time to throw away all the cutesy stuff and get dirty, bloody, zombie, scary, creepy with a holiday twist. Use your imagination step on the side of sadistic and wild but add in some Christmas stuff too lol. Sounds fun right? DJ Glitch is spinning Industrial – EBM. There will be 5,000 lindens on the board for this contest and this event will be sponsored by Lateria Foot Fashion, D-Style and HoD. (Haus of Darcy). Ok that was alot of reading material today huh? So you have all day to figure out your outfits for Saturday and please come by and see the club and hang out. This will be an amazing day of music and holiday cheer. If you come make sure you say Hi. I would love to meet you all. Here is the LM to the club and if you want just IM me on Saturday and I will TP you in!  Thank you to our amazing sponsors!!!

❤ Simone.


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