Happy Birthday To Me..(Nov. 8th)

If you haven’t guessed it by the title of my post .. it’s MY BERF DAY. woo hoo \ o /  I’m usually not a huge fan of my birthday for many personal reasons BUT this year has been a very good year for me and to me and I welcome my born date celebrations. I’m really excited I get to celebrate my birthday with my beautiful girlfriend Simone, who’s excitement about my birthday has made me even more excited, if that makes any sense. Life is really good for me, I have good health,an amazing girlfriend, family and friends a great rl job opportunity lined up.Basically I’m fucking WINNING right now and I welcome the next chapter in my life. Ok enough about me..  I also did a quick fashion post below. New stuff from this month collection of The Men’s Dept included.  Enjoy!



Tattoo- Freaks & Geeks-No Regrets HD

Eyes- .ID. Spark Eyes/ Gray-Blue-Aqua Pack (new @ TMD)

Hair- Burley Gosling_Blacks

Jacket- LOVE RE ME] Letter Jacket Black Plain

Jeans- Pumpkin]Low jeans (black plaid)

Shoes- Box_OT White balance (found on marketplace)


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