Lover’s Game

CheerNo’s has tons of  new mesh items they have  hands, feet(new to me anyway) new hair and new mesh male genitals out for purchase. I love these hands it was about time because avatar’s natural hands are so ugly to me. The hands comes in many styles from relaxed to throwing up the “bird” at someone you even get a cool tattoo feature on the original hands. You can grab the other hands at the CheerNo store. The hands in this post are from The Blue Dressing Room, and it comes with a shiny new iphone4. I thought it was a nice touch, you can re-size the hands to your liking and of course they come with a skin matching HUD.



Sweater- *ARAI* V neck knit_plain black
Jeans- *KEANE* Porter Jeans (denim)
Hands- CheerNo Mesh Hand*iCheerNo-New @ tdr
Facial Hairs- Fruk Face Fuzz-Heavy Stubble
Hairbase- R E M O R S E– Mohawk Fade “With Waves” Black
Skin- the body co. Sky
Pose By Stakey– Standstill

Post Music: Lover’s Game By Geographer


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