Work Hard, Play Hard

Hello Lovelies!! I really hope you all are in great spirits and enjoying your weekend. The past few weeks have been hectic and crazy busy for me RL. So I have been slacking just a bit with my blogging, I have some free time coming up soon(ish) so be on the look out for more blogging and styling from me and Aydan. I want to thank everyone who has read my blogged, shared my blogged, mentioned my blog and so on. I started this blog in June of this year just to challenge myself to switch up my everyday styling in SL. I also wanted to improve on my Photoshop skills which is still a work in progress. I didn’t expect stylebysimone to evolve into what it has. We have reached over 1000 viewers in such a small time and I know some may think its nothing but it means a lot to me truly. Extra special thank you to all my current and past sponsors for having faith in what we do and allowing us to be creative and showcase your work. Ok enough emotional stuff for today lol.


There is a lot to get into this week. First off Alterego is having a killer sim-wide hunt called Mind Fuck 2 starting today at Noon slt and ending at Midnight. The first Mind Fuck Hunt was really fun so I’m sure most of you will enjoy it. There will be 24 outfits NOT sold in stores in the hunt priced at 1L. There will also be store credit in some of the prizes so grab your friends and happy hunting! The Swag Fest starts October 1st and today I’m showing you some exclusives from Alterego for the Swag Fest. Toxxic has made new items for both male and females, all mesh items, she will also have dollarbies out and 98% of what she’s offering at the Swag Fest will not be sold in store so make sure you go and get your swag on!!! Ok before we head to the pictures I have one more new goodness from Alterego and they are really cute mesh stomper boots they just came out like an hour or so ago so while you are hunting at Alterego today you can also pick up these cute stomper boots.  You Can Find AlterEgo <–Here. I will update tomorrow with Swag Fest Links. Click On The Pictures a a larger/better view!! As always Be Happy Everyone!!

Happy Shopping!-Simone.



What I’m Wearing:

Hair: [e] Never-VIP Collection

Top: ::alterego:: mesh loose top-work hard (new@ the swag fest!!)

Bottoms: a combination from the noir-lboc outfit & the cyberpunk out all from alterego. (leggings are from cyberpunk outfit & skirt is from noir-iboc *old hun item*)

Make Up: Alterego- Trendsetter-Lips+ES-Call Girl Red

Boots: Alterego mesh stompers-black (NEW!!!!)


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