Start Over

Good Morning Lovelies!!! As a New Yorker, I want to say that today is a heavy day for me. Eleven years ago the 9/11 tragedy tore my city apart, my parents lost a friends, and co-workers and our nation was rocked and scared forever. Their lives will never be in vain. A special prayer to all those we lost eleven years ago today, gone but never forgotten.  It’s cliche but you never know when this wonderful gift called life will be over, so be kind to one another, hug your friend, call your parents, siblings etc and tell them how you love them.

Be Kind To Each other. ❤ Simone.


What I’m Wearing:

Hat: -LaViere- Cashmere Flat Cap Noir( at FAMEshed)

Hair: Truth< Siri (NEW!!)

Eyes: .ID. Shimmer/Peach

Top: .MarieDoll.-Queen Joker Baseball Tee(at Fi*Fridays)

Shorts: Alterego (part of the be you outfit)

Stockings: Erratic/fishnet wise/black

Socks: illmatic:: Cheap Monday Socks-Black (at  Fi*Fridays)

Shoes: [Z3]Yeezys

Bracelet: B L E U Trio Braided Bracelet (MY NEW FAVORITE ACCESSORY!!!!!!)

Lipstick: Rave Nation: Chola Lips (RED) *On Marketplace!

Song: BEYONCE!!! -Start Over


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