Forrest Gump

Hi everyone! There are tons of collections opening this weekend. The Mens Dept, Fi* Fridays. Fifty Linden Fridays, Livin The Life, Coll88(starts tomorrow)  and a bunch of hunts going on.  We tried to grab as much as we could today, I was shocked to hear Simone say she was actually tired of shopping! We mixed and matched from different collections.. like i said tons of new stuff out there this weekend, so have a great time shopping. (Make sure you click the photo for a better look.)

-Aydan & Simone

On Simone
shirt-wonder1and mesh bf flannel-azure (new @ fi*fridays)
jeans- mon tissu denim -1929 cigarette-dark
boots- moon tissu provence riding boots-black
hair- magic tendency (new)
watch- ddl bittersweet
rings- 7891. keystone ring set-gold (new @ fi*fridays)
lipstick- r.icielli-lipstick 01
rings- bleu amen changed ring(black & gold)

On Me
shirt- villena-jumper gray frankie (new@the mens dept.)
pants-pumpkin low jeans(black plaid)*(new @ the mens dept.)
hair: atro patena -neil
ears- aitui [mesh] stretched ears-1″ plug pack
facial hair- fruk face fuzz-heavy stubble
shoes- sbs nike blazer military cam (new @ fi*fridays)
skin-the body co. Sky
watch- aramode paper watch light green

Post Music- Frank Ocean-Forrest Gump


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