Big Jet Plane

Hello Lovelies!  I traveled out again, I’m really having fun exploring looking for cool sims to take pictures on. I’m working hard in Photoshop. (I hope it shows). I think I’m getting better.. I experimented with in world wind- lighting and different effects in photoshop in this post.  Before you move on to the pictures I wanted to give a special shout out to the creator of the dress i’m wearing. Her name is Poise Collins and she’s a friend of mine.. shes a dj, fashion designer..a really wonderful person. So make sure you check out her store its called “Poised” and you can find it here. The dress is really cute.. its mesh and it comes with a HUD that changes the dress colors you have 10 different styles to choose from. Have a good holiday weekend everybody (well Americans.)

-Happy Shopping. Simone

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Boon-QPT129

Dress: ::Poised:: HAPPY Mesh Dress (w/HUD)

Earrings: [DDL]-Azhfey

Shoes:ISON-Miraya Open-Toe-Bootie(Coll88)


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