Russian Roulette (Durand Bernarr Edition)

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Dura Boy* 37 (Black) New!!

Bodysuit: Lethal Couture Rise of the Leo Uni (Ash) Fi*Friday Item

Shoes: Lethal Couture Distress Wedge Bootie (Coal)( Closed For Remodel)

Stockings: Erratic/fishnet wide (Black)

Skin: Atomic Grace Skin_Buff-Sting Me (TDR Exclusive) *Old Item Sorry*

Ear Piercings: HoD.-Downward Spiral Gauge & Piercing Set-Slide

Facial Piercings- HoD-Provocation Piercing Set

Eyes- .ID. Moody Vamp/Wispy Blue (New!!)

Shoulder Fur- House of Fox [AnjaFurShoulders] Gift

Watch- Mandala HOUSAI Bracelet set (Black)

Wristband- GoK-Sharp Wristband (Black)

Ring- IMBUE Cross Ring (Black)



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