Lets Wait Awhile

Happy Monday! Lovelies, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I’m coming back with some cute newness from Caution! Its a bit vintage with the old school “M” (from the old MTV) logo. The shirts say Made In The 80s and if you are a 80’s baby like me you should love these shirts. They come in 3 different colors, I believe they are also available for men.  So go on down and get you some vintage 80s meshy goodness from Caution!

-Happy Shopping. Simone

What I’m Wearing:

Tops: [C] Caution Made 80s Off Shoulder White/Black/Gray MESH

Jeans: REMY Metallic Jean

Hair: [e] Found- Essential Collection (Coll88) *NEW*

Bracelet: B L E U Cuff Me Silver & Gold

Earrings: B L E U Desire *Silver & Gold*

Cosmetics: DAMNED-Alice Lipsticks (Pink 1)

                     Vive Nine Cosmetics Gift 2012


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