I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. I am still very “virginal” in Photoshop.. learning slowing. I was playing around with this picture. I liked how it came out for a beginner. I smashed a bunch of looks together clothes from Fi*Fridays & The Blue Dressing Room (which is new). You have one more day maybe even a few more hours to grab last weeks items from Fi*Fridays.


Hair: Damselfly-Morrisania Black Pearl

[glow] studio-Studs Cross Earrings (TDR BLUE 54)

[COCAINE] Givenchy Sheer Socks

[DDL] BitterSweet (G)

Bless-Rolex Necklace.

fi*fridays[SavageBeats] Knit Highwaist Shorts

HouseofFox::ShoppersTote MESH(TDR)

illmatic::Cheap Monday Pullover-Black

J U D A S :::: The Revolution C. Wedge Platforms (pitch) *Not Shown*


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