How Does It Feel?

What I’m Wearing:

*COCO* FringeVest_Brown

>TRUTH< Hailey-NEW!!!!

[ef] Leader’s Royalty Antique Tribe- FiFriday Edition #3

JANE-intrinsic tanks. whites/creams

{mon tissu} Denim-1929 Cigarette~Original

[M]- Multiwoven Stripped Toms (Unisex) *Mesh


2 thoughts on “How Does It Feel?

  1. Hello Simone, sorry to leave this message here but I could not find a way to message you, I am wondering about your review policy. If I wanted some items from my store blogged how would I go about that ?

    Earth Nirvana

    1. Hey Earth, I have been meaning to post my in world name on my blog so i can be contacted. You can send your items to me in a folder with a notecard, please have a LM and your store name because my memory is bad lol. My sl name is SimoneValentine Resident. Thank you so much for reading my blog and having interest in my styling!! I appreciate it

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