Viva La Orange

I ventured down to the Zombie Popcorn Carnival a few days ago and grabbed more clothes than I need. Typical Right? I loved this mesh cross top by {K} Rea. I have become a big fan of crosses & crucifixes lately, I loved the colorfulness of the orange and since I hardly ever wear orange in-world or in real life. I felt inspired to pull off a look. Go down and check out the carnival the sim is beautiful and they have over 50 stores offering something for everybody.

-be happy. happy shopping. Simone

What I’m Wearing:

{K} Rea Orange Cross Blouse (Zombie Popcorn Carnival)

*rezlpsa Loc*-Autumn Nail Pack

*rezlpsa Loc*-Tights, Orange You Glad

.ID. Striking/ Hazel

::alterego::mesh lashes

[Al Vulo!] [Baba2]-[natural reddish]

[7891.]-Arrow’d up-White earrings

[DDL] Faith (bracelet)

[DDL] Play (Gold)

[e] Away-Essentials Collection

Flirt-rave Shadows

GoK-Retro Ring Gold

Magnetized Sneakers_Cream & White


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