Cocaine lives up to its name.. its very addicting!  I love Cocaine!! Make sure you out and check out Belex’s shop its really cute and her clothes are amazing! The bodysuit I’m wearing today is a new release along with the Givenchy socks!!  You can find a dose of Cocaine here : Cocaine

-be happy. happy shopping. Simone

 What I Am Wearing:

[COCAINE] Givenchy Sheer Socks;

[COCAINE] Money Sh*t French Bodysuit

Bag-*yoyo9*Danchu Money Bag (Dj)

-.HoD.-Agony Piercing Set(Male and Female)

-.HoD.-Fallen Tattoo Set

-.HoD.- Thurst Piercing

.ID. Striking/Hazel 

.MarieDolla.-Pevis Double Cross Tattoo


Bless-Rolex Necklace.

 J U D A S::: The Revolution Dio Boots (Pitch)

-RYCA- Nose Piercing Diamond/Gold

PRIMO-White Louis Vuitton Head Scarf [MESH]

R E M O R S E -Mohawk Fade “With Waves” Black

su. vida-studded on em black

taped, glove, bangles and rings black BND


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